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This explains why, in this mythology, the hare as a god has an ambiguous character which has worried commentators and anthropologists: sometimes he is a very wise deity who is in charge of putting the universe in order, and sometimes he is a ridiculous clown who goes from mishap to mishap. And this also is best understood if we explain the choice of the hare by the Algonkian Indians as an individual who is between the two conditions of (a) a single deity beneficient to mankind and (b) twins, one of whom is good and the other bad. Being not yet entirely divided in two, being not yet twins, the two opposite characteristics can remain merged in one and the same person.

Claude Levi-Strauss, Mythologies


Mister Bunny

Can't you see just what you've done

You've got my loving on the run 

I'll sneak out of the house at night 

A guiding star, a dying light 

All the children walk the street

And now the dead will walk the earth 

The ghost of past and future me

The memory of a painful birth 

We are spectres in the night 

We are calling out to you

There are angels by my side 

And they put me next to you

I have lost so much this year

And nothing feels that new

It is in love we disappear 

And by your side, I always do


You come to me

You shake the tree

The silver bells rang

at your feet